When you can’t sit and stay, it’s time for a vacation!

Dogs are members of the family so, naturally, we want to include them in all of our travels, and why not? These days, pet-friendly destinations like Provincetown are easy to find. Unfortunately, not all dogs are born great copilots. It takes a little practice and planning to make a trip safe and enjoyable for everyone. With a few travel training tips, hopefully you’ll soon be on your way.

1) Keeps collar tags, ID’s and vaccination documentation up to date with copies in a travel folder. The last thing you need is for your dog to run off in an unfamiliar place and be completely unidentifiable. Most airlines also mandate that owners show proof of rabies vaccinations and valid health certificates from vets before travel. If you’re headed out on a plane, check in with your carrier well before departure to ensure you can meet all their criteria. Also, if you are planning on boarding your dog at a facility like the Provincetown Pet Resort, they will require up to date vaccination certificates.

2) Keep dogs in a comfortable and familiar crate and don’t feel bad about it. It’s really the best way to keep everybody safe inside the car. Ideally, you want your dog to willingly climb in and, usually, they will after a few short practice trips to someplace they love like the dog park or a local pond. I like to add bedding from home along with a few toys to make the space as enjoyable as possible.

3) Go on long walks before and after travel. For road trips it always helps to thoroughly exercise your dog before leaving so they can climb in and rest. Long distances with too much pent-up energy are not a good idea. When you do arrive at your destination, it’s equally important for them—and you—to stretch legs and check out the new surroundings.

Safe travels and share some memories with your best friend!


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