First off, these are tips for bathing your DOG, or most any pet for that matter, in the colder, winter months.  If you could use a few personal hygiene pointers please stop reading now and contact the professionals at the Shui Spa. Onward to a few important guidelines for bathing that dirty dog when its chilly outside.

Rule number one: Keep EVERYTHING warm!
Turn up the heat in the house, bath in warm water and dry off completely using a nice warm towel. Following these steps will help prevent your pooch from catching a chill when they make a break for the outdoors.

Rule number two: Keep everything DRY!
Trying to bath a dog in a bathtub, shower or sink isn’t easy and we can’t prevent them from doing that shaky wiggle thing that sends water everywhere. So, plan on immediately covering them with a towel after the bath task is complete. Hopefully, this will capture most of the water so it doesn’t end up on your walls and ceiling.

Rule number three: Use good quality products!
Here at the Pet Spa, our brand of choice is Mauro Pet Care. Along with an awesome lineup of dedicated hair care products for your pooch, they also have dry shampoos and scented oils to help maintain a healthy coat in between baths.  Let’s face it, the choice between a stinky dog and a clean dog sitting on your couch in February is not hard to make.

See you at the park!

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