Easy Tips for Easy Living

Life hacks are those cheap and effective tips or tricks that make activities easier or more efficient.  Essentially, they improve and simplify life. Who doesn’t like that? These days, there are thousands of life hack related blogs, posts and videos to be found online. I’ve taken my time and compiled a list of some of my favorites as applied to specifically dogs and cats. So here we go;

For Dog Owners:

  • Want to help your dog cool down on a hot day? Freeze some of their favorite treats in an ice cube tray with water to help them beat the heat.
  • Does your dog eat way too fast? Try tossing a ball into their food dish that they have to eat around.
  • Do you have a dog with seemingly endless amounts of energy? Play fetch downhill… you don’t have to throw as hard/far and the dog has to work twice as hard to get the ball uphill to you.
  • Dog hair stuck in carpet? Try a squeegee or rubbing with a rubber dish glove.

For Cat Owners:

  • If you’re trying to keep your cat off a piece of furniture (no cat bed or scratching post, please!), try placing double sided tape on the surfaces as a deterrent.
  • Want to make that litter box easier to clean? Try rubbing a little non-scented oil on the bottom… this will prevent anything from sticking.
  • Litter tracking around your home? Use a deep piled bath mat in front of the litter box to collect and catch any granules that stick to your cat’s feet.
  • Kitty digging in your potted plants? Just add some pine cones.

See you at the Pet Resort!


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