Finding the Perfect Pet Present

According to an American Pet Products Association survey, about half of all dog owners and nearly 40% of all cat owners purchase gifts for their pets during the holidays. Consider that there are around 90 million dogs and 86 million cats living in households in the United States and you’ll realize that there is some serious pet-related shopping going down this time of year. Of course, you can always stop by the Provincetown Pet Resort and peruse our aisles of toys, collars, baked goods and more looking for that perfect gift. I took some time to sit down with my cat and dog and asked them what they had on their wish list for 2018 and this is what they had to say:

Tuff Pupper’s Pup Flask – This is the portable water bowl re-imagined in BPA-free stainless steel and silicone. Flip a silicone bottle sleeve around to reveal a drinking bowl that works for any size dog….what’s easier than that?! It’s quick, convenient, wastes no water and cleans up easily in the dishwasher. My dog says taking me for walks and playing fetch makes him thirsty and I’m listening!

Outward Hound’s Slo-Bowl – Sometimes I think my dog has signed up for a competitive eating competition and not filled the rest of us in. He literally eats like a shop-vac. Introduce the Fun Feeder Slo-Bowl which features a maze like texture proven to slow down chow time. Made out of food safe, BPA-free ABS plastic this durable bowl comes in three sizes and multiple colors. Eat slow, eat healthy and have fun!

TabCat’s Cat Tracker – When you cat plays hide and seek you can win the game easily and stop worrying with this accurate radio frequency based tracking system. Because it’s not GPS based the collar tag remains small and has a long lasting battery. The tag pairs with a handset that produces audio and visual cues to find your cat whether they’re in the house or in neighboring streets with its 400ft range.

PetSafe’s Bolt Laser Cat Toy – This just sounds purrrty cool doesn’t it? The Bolt laser can be placed on a flat surface or held in your hand….either way it emits laser patterns that randomly move across floors, furniture and walls. The built in timer automatically shuts the action down after 15 minutes which is the purrrfect amount of time for some indoor exercise during the winter.

Have fun and stay warm!

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