The future is so bright, I need to wear shades!

New technology comes quick. The impossible to imagine can be delivered to your door in 2 days guaranteed. Out of the gadgets and gizmos that surround daily life, I thought I’d pick five of my dog-related favorites, available in the summer of 2018. Get ready, now there are even more ways to keep that pet of yours healthy and entertained.

1) FitBark: Everyone’s probably heard of FitBit by now. That watch-like thing that tracks human activity throughout the day. Securely on the collar, FitBark is the dog version. The FitBark tag monitors activity, distance traveled, calorie burn and sleep, then analyzes the data through an Android or iOS compatible app. Owners and veterinarians can then use this information to promote changes or adjustments for a healthier lifestyle. The company believes that owners and pets should stay healthy together and that’s something I can get behind!

2) DogIt Drinking Fountain: The folks at DogIt have a solution to the perennial challenge of providing your dog a constant source of clean fresh water. The DogIt fountain is an elevated drinking bowl that recirculates water through a multi-stage filtration system so the drinking water is always pure. Filters are replaceable and it hold enough water for multiple pets. Slurp!

3) Nite Dawg: If you take your dog out for a walk at night (like most people) then this collar is one neat piece of safety gear and it’s bright! NiteIze, the creative company behind the collar, is known for making simple little gadgets which make life a little better. With a click of a button, this standard looking collar lights up a hidden array of LED lights, letting everyone know your pooch is out on the night.

4) Petzi: Let’s say you’ve got to leave your little buddy home for a couple of hours and need the ability to look in on him when your away. BEHOLD Petzi, the pet cam monitoring, treat delivering, say-hello-when-you’re-not-home device. With a tap of their app, you can look in on your dog, say hi, snap a picture and even dispense a treat. The snack delivery system is a nice addition to the collection of home and pet monitors that are currently on the market. Remote food delivery means your dog will always run up to the cam to say hello.

5) Cool Bed III: Heat can be uncomfortable and even dangerous to dogs. Why not offer them a nice cooling bed to chill out on during the dog days of summer? Cool Bed III’s “Cool Core” gel absorbs and dissipates excess heat, lowering your dog’s body temperature more quickly and comfortably than the bathroom floor tile. The three sizes offered are built tough and work well indoors, outside or even in the car.

If these dog-related gadgets and gizmos are too much, just do as I do and stick to the stick!



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