Staying fit and active in the winter

Some dogs are better suited to cold weather than others so it’s important to know just how long you should stay out on walks and how to tell if your dog has caught a chill. At the Pet Resort, our daycare program is a great way to get the pups out of the house and active. Even on those exceptionally chilly days we heated have indoor spaces for them to romp and play. That said, everyone needs physical exercise and mental exercise in the winter in order to stay healthy…. so, read on!

  • Get outside and go for it! A brisk snowy morning walk will do you good and is a great way for your dog to get the daily exercise that they need. Fetch, tag and hide and seek are all great games to play! If it’s really cold I always check for signs of shivering, weakness or lack of alertness which are signs they have become cold and need to go in ASAP. Oh…and on those days when I don’t want to go out but my furry friend does… I make sure to call a dog walker or schedule some time at the Pet Resort.
  • Dogs can exercise indoors too although sometimes you have to get a little creative!  Indoor obstacle courses are awesome, a game of tug can be a real workout and climbing staircases is a form of indoor waking. When all else fails, sign them up for a class.
  • Keep them mentally stimulated by playing hide and seek on a regular basis with their favorite toy. Puzzle toys that dispense treats are also lots of fun and, should you run out of ideas, take them out for a new toy!




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