We’re in the midst of the first heat wave of 2017 here on Cape Cod.  It is currently in the 80s in Provincetown.  The 80s in May?  Unheard of!  It was a long time coming and we are basking in the sunshine.  This hot weather has us outdoors and dreaming of all the hot, hazy days to come.  Here are a few of our fav ideas for summer outdoor fun with your dog.



Who doesn’t love bubbles?  The perennial favorite toy of toddlers, wistful adults and yes, dogs.  And better yet, the Bubbletastic bubbles we carry here in the shop are doggie-safe and bacon-flavored.  Irresistible!

Another game that never gets old.  We love the Chuck It launchers and carry a range of options in the shop.  These are dog toy classics for a reason—they’re perfect!  Particularly for your high energy pooch who needs to indulge those chasing and fetching instincts.  Find out more about Chuck Its full line of products here.



Who says the kiddie pool is just for kids?  Here at the resort, we’ve already busted out our splash pools for our boarders.  Really, is there anything more belly-laugh inducing than watching a happy dog frolic in the water?  Smiles and laughs for you, heaven for your dog.  Win.  Win.


Keep Cool

Dogs don’t sweat to keep their body temperature down.  They cool down through panting and their paws.  Here’s a tip we found on Modern Dog Magazine to help your dog keep cool in the summer: dunk a bandana in cold water, wring it out, pop it in the freezer and bingo! A built in a/c for your pooch.



Make yummy frozen treats for your dog to enjoy in the heat.  They are quick and easy.  All you need are a few ingredients and a freezer.  Check out Modern Dog’s recipes here.


Want some more ideas?  Check out Modern Dog Magazine’s round up of summertime ideas for dogs.


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